Traffic Offenses

Fight to Keep Your Driving Record Clean

Although traffic citations are not the most serious of matters that we handle at the Garza Law Office, we frequently assist drivers navigating the justice system when the have been cited for speeding, moving violation, public intoxication or other infraction.

One frequent question is, “Should I just pay the fine?” The answer is not that simple: paying the fine is often only half of the punishment. Sometimes insurance rates may increase by as much as 50%.

Additionally, drivers will often receive points on their driving record based on the level of the speeding ticket, or they may lose their license.

Each situation is different, and at the Garza Law Office, we will listen closely to your particular set of circumstances, the nature of your speeding ticket or other infraction and will give you the best advice regarding what is the best decision for you while keeping in mind the cost of defense versus the cost of “just paying the ticket.”

At the Garza Law Office, we understand that you do not ALWAYS need an attorney, and we are prepared to step aside and give you that advice.