DUI Resources

The Knoxville criminal defense attorneys at the Garza Law Firm, PLLC maximizes all of its office space dedicated to the preparation and development of the client’s case, civil, criminal or administrative.

The firm is fully computerized and automated using the latest technology in digital document processing such as digital dictation, electronic document scanning and storage.

Available to the lawyers at the Garza Law Firm are numerous personal and technical resources which are essential to the successful preparation of both criminal and civil cases. In combination with our Tennessee trial attorneys knowledge, experience and skill these resources equip him with the necessary tools for the best possible presentation of a client’s case before a judge or jury.

In addition to our attorneys being highly trained and skilled trial lawyers we employee the use of a  skilled and dedicated private investigator for civil and criminal cases.Our Investigator uses state of the art equipment for analysis of law enforcement audio and video recordings.

The Garza Law Firm, PLLC also has skilled paralegal employees on staff. All are very experienced in legal and court issues.