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Criminal charges can affect your job, your family life, your liberty and your rights to vote and own firearms. The Garza Law Firm in Knoxville is very mindful of the effect criminal charges can have on your job and your life, both now and in the future. Our criminal defense attorneys offer a free initial consultation to discuss your case and your legal options.

Please take a moment to watch this short criminal defense introductory video, which gives an overview of our philosophy at the Garza law firm. Please call 865-540-8300 for immediate assistance.

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You have constitutional rights that are designed to protect you.

If you or someone you know has been charged with a crime or is even suspected of committing a crime, you should contact a criminal defense lawyer immediately before making any important decisions. The Garza Law Firm offers free consultations to discuss your case.

We defend people accused of all types of criminal and traffic offenses in Knoxville and East Tennessee, including:

  • DUI charges, including vehicular assault and vehicular homicide charges resulting from drunk driving
  • Violent crimes such as assault and battery, attempted murder and domestic violence
  • Sex crimes such as rape, statutory rape, child molestation and child pornography
  • Theft, shoplifting and burglary
  • Drug arrests, including possession and trafficking
  • Criminal appeals
  • Expungement or vacation of criminal records when possible
  • Traffic citations such as speeding tickets and driving with a suspended driver’s license

No matter what criminal charges you may face, the lawyers at the Garza Law Firm can tell you what rights you have, how and when to assert them and what their experience can do to help you.

If you’re accused or charged with a crime in Tennessee, you should talk to a criminal defense attorney before talking to anyone else. You may be giving away rights that you don’t even know you have. For example, did you know that if, in most circumstances, you ask for an attorney, the police should stop all questions except those designed to get you an attorney? Many people think that if you ask for an attorney, it makes you look like you have something to hide or are guilty. Nothing is further from the truth. Contact The Garza Law Firm.

Skilled Criminal Defense Lawyers Ready to Assist

In fact, if your case goes to trial, the jury will not hear that you asked for a criminal defense lawyer. If you face criminal charges, let the experienced criminal defense attorneys at the Garza Law Firm protect your rights and your freedom. Our office is located in Knoxville, TN and we serve individuals throughout East Tennessee.

Meet Our Team of Criminal Defense Attorneys

 Daniel Morrell, Knoxville Criminal Defense Lawyer