Speeding Tickets in Knox County

How to get your traffic offense removed from our driving record.

Speeding Tickets and Other Traffic Violations

Whether your driving record is squeaky clean or riddled with infractions, it’s important to do everything in your power to have your charges reduced or dropped altogether.  Here’s why:

If you have a clean driving record, a speeding ticket can be relatively easy to get dropped. Judges are lenient towards first time offenders, and it’s a way to preserve your clean driving record. In turn, you’ll keep your auto insurance rates as low as possible.  Some insurers now offer added savings for drivers who maintain a clean driving record. For a reasonable fee, the attorneys at Garza Law will work to get your ticket reduced or removed altogether. The alternative is to pay your ticket, which is an admission of guilt, and you’ll have points added to your driving record. They’ll stay there for a number of years.

Speeding ticket lawyer in Knoxville, TN and how to fight your charges.

For those of you who’ve been racking up tickets, it’s critical to do everything you can to get those charges reduced or removed. Too many points on your driving record will result in the suspension of driving privileges, and your insurance company is likely to increase your insurance premiums or even stop insuring you completely. As you probably already know, driving without auto insurance is illegal in the State of Tennessee.

In addition to speeding tickets, there are also a number of other traffic offenses that will result in points on your driving record. These include failing to obey traffic signals and stop signs, following too closely to an emergency vehicle, contributing to the occurrence of an accident, and reckless driving, among many others.

Types of Traffic Offenses in the State of Tennessee

  • Moving Traffic Violations
  • Speeding in Construction Zone (Non-Commercial Vehicles)
  • Contributing to Occurrence of Accidents
  • Other Violations (Driving Without a License, Child Endangerment, etc.)
  • Moving Traffic Violations (Commercial Vehicles)
  • Construction Zone/Hauling Hazardous Materials (Commercial Vehicle)

Our website answers many of your frequently asked questions about speeding tickets and other traffic violations. As a service to you, we have also provided the following link to the State of Tennessee website, which goes into greater detail about all the different types of tickets that may be issued to commercial and non-commercial vehicles.


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