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Knoxville Speeding Ticket Lawyer and other Traffic Violations

Garza Law Can Help You Keep a Clean Driving Record

Although speeding tickets and other traffic citations are not the most serious of matters we handle at the Garza Law Firm, we frequently assist drivers navigating the justice system when they have been issued a speeding ticket or some other moving violation, including the new “No Texting While Driving” law recently passed in Tennessee. A qualified attorney will be able to assist in making informed decisions, including weighing the options on whether to fight the charges, ask for leniency, or simply pay the ticket.

In fact, the most frequent question coming from our Knoxville law firm office with respect to speeding tickets is, “Should I just pay the fine?”. The answer is not that simple; paying the speeding ticket fine is often only half of the punishment. Sometimes insurance rates may increase by as much as 50%. Additionally, drivers will often receive points on their driving record based on the level of the speeding ticket, or they may lose their license. Points add up, so multiple offenses in a short period of time can trigger the more serious penalties, such as loss of driving privileges or even loss of an auto insurance provider altogether.

Knoxville Speeding Ticket Lawyer

Each situation is different, which is why at Garza Law we will listen closely to your particular set of circumstances, the nature of your speeding ticket or other infraction, and will give you sound advice regarding what is the best decision for you while keeping in mind the cost of defense versus the cost of “just paying the ticket.”

At Garza Law in Knoxville, we understand that you do not ALWAYS need an attorney, and we are prepared to step aside and give you that advice. Like always, we’ll treat you like family. Please call (865) 540-8300 to speak with an attorney, or send an email to info@garzalaw.com. You may also be interested in learning more about the recent changes to Tennessee law which makes texting while driving or using a mobile device while driving illegal.

Areas Garza Law Can Help with Your Traffic Offense

The Garza Law Firm is centrally located in downtown Knoxville, but is able to provide legal services pertaining to your traffic violation to all of Knox County and surrounding counties, including Sevier, Blount, Loudon, Cocke, Roane, Grainger, Jefferson, Anderson, and Union. We’re happy to answer any questions you have, so feel free to contact us.


For a free in-person case evaluation, please contact one of our attorneys to setup an appointment. We offer weekend and evening appointments for your convenience. Call 865-540-8300 or email info@garzalaw.com. We look forward to the opportunity to answer your questions.

Speeding Ticket FAQs and Other Traffic Violations

Can I keep the ticket off my record?

Often, yes. In many cases, our firm may be able to help you obtain a result that will prevent the ticket from going on your criminal record or permanent driving history.

Can I get my ticket or citation moved to a non-moving violation?

Often, yes. Depending on the type of license you have, this is often a real possibility. In some cases, a citation may be dismissed upon payment of court costs, the completion of a driving school, or the completion of some other conditions acceptable to the court. Alternatively, an agreement may be reached where the violation is pled down to one that is not as severe or amended to a slightly different charge/citation that may have less of a negative impact on your record. In all cases, our firm explores the possibility of a dismissal first, rather than a reduction or different charge.

Can I get my speeding ticket reduced?

Usually, yes. Often tickets can be dismissed entirely upon completion of certain terms (i.e. court costs, driving school, etc.). In other cases, sometimes a speeding ticket can be reduced. (i.e. Instead of going 95 in a 70 mile per hour zone, it may be amended to 75 in a 70 mph zone).

Should I just pay the ticket?

If you have a concern, please call our office to discuss. Many people do not realize that paying a ticket will result in an automatic finding of guilt and the citation will go on your permanent driving history, could result in points going on your driving record, or possibly increase your auto insurance rates.

Will my insurance rates go up if I just pay the ticket?

Often, but not always. This depends on many factors, including but not limited to, your previous driving history, your particular insurance company, the severity of the infraction, and in which jurisdiction you received the ticket.

Why fight the ticket?

In additional to the FAQs above, we find that citizens will often just pay their first ticket and when they get to their second or third violation, they will want to fight the violation. However, we recommend that citizens address or fight their first ticket with the help of a lawyer, as subsequent tickets are often treated more favorably or sometimes dismissed if you already have a clean driving record. If you wait to fight or get help with a traffic citation the second time around, the court will treat the situation with less leniency.

Too many tickets is a bad thing.

Someone who’s had a serious problem with speeding and has racked up numerous speeding tickets over the years will have a more difficult time asking a judge to go easy on them. That’s why preserving your clean driving record is so important.

First time offender? You may be in luck!

If you’re a first time offender and just received a speeding ticket or some other traffic violation, there’s a good chance that your charged could be reduced or dropped. While no two situations are the same, it is our experience that when someone makes a mistake on an otherwise clean driving record, a court is much more willing to grant leniency on the first time offender.