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Trucking transportation brings products of all types to the doorsteps of Americans in a timely and efficient manner. But too often, semi trucks, tractor trailers, eighteen wheelers, and even commercial delivery trucks cause catastrophic and fatal accidents on Tennessee roads and highways. The lawyers at Garza Law, headquartered in Knoxville, TN, are well-versed in personal injury cases involving truck wrecks. This web page is helps explain your rights as an individual involved in an accident with a commercial transportation or delivery vehicle. As always, we offer free consultations seven days a week. Call (865) 540-8300 or email

Driver fatigue, overloaded trucks, and reckless driving can cause trailers to jack-knife, crash, and seriously injure people in smaller vehicles. Because trucking companies view minimizing claims as a priority and are well-organized and ready to interpret an accident scene, it is vital that a victim obtain a trucking accident attorney as soon as possible after a wreck involving a commercial tractor trailer.

Association of Plaintiff Interstate Trucking Lawyers of America
Garza Law has been a member of the Association of Plaintiff Interstate Trucking Lawyers of America since 2015.  APITLA is a national association of committed lawyers who have joined together to help eliminate unsafe and illegal interstate trucking practices. Through our combined efforts in learning, litigation and legislation, we are working today to make America’s highways a safer place tomorrow for our families, our clients, and all Americans.

Compensation for Truck Accident Victims

When you sit down with a lawyer at the Garza Law Office, you will receive straight answers to your questions. We will listen carefully to your story—the sequence of events, the conditions on the road, and what led up to the accident.  We will mobilize our experts and investigators to the scene. We will educate you about the legal process and your prospects for recovery. Call (865) 540-8300 or email to speak with an attorney.

Don’t fall for the claims of lawyers promising fast cash and no hassles

If we go to work for you, we will begin building a strong and convincing case for compensation from day one. Whether your case involves a defective vehicle, a chain collision, or a fatal 18 wheeler or truck accident, we will stand by your side through the entire process.

In every truck accident case, our goal is to maximize the compensation our clients receive. It’s what we do.

Hire an attorney experienced in handling car accident, semi truck accident and motorcycle accident cases that will stand up for you and take some of the burden and frustration off you or your family’s shoulders: call the Garza Law Firm today at (865) 540-8300 for a free consultation.