Does being high impair driving?

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Does being high impair driving?

People often ask, “Does being high impaired driving?” The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation does test for certain substances in blood including marijuana, and alcohol, and other types of drugs. The test that they typically do for marijuana only measures the metabolite. What that means is they’re only measuring to prove that you have actually had something to smoke typically in the last 30 days. It makes it very difficult for the state to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that somebody is impaired by marijuana because metabolite doesn’t tell us anything usually other than someone has had something to smoke in the last 30 days or so, Evidence that you smoked marijuana 30 days ago doesn’t tell us anything about whether a person is impaired or unimpaired at the time they drove.

If you’ve been charged with driving while under the influence of either marijuana or some other substance, it’s important to call our office as soon as possible. There are certain tests that we can do independently that can also tend to prove your innocence as well as hospital records if they are applicable and will ultimately aid in your defense.

Have you been charged with driving under the influence? Give our office a call. We can help.