Do I need an attorney for a DUI?

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Do I Need an Attorney for a DUI?

Do You Need an Attorney for a DUI in Knoxville?

Do I even need a lawyer for a DUI in Knoxville? The answer is yes, absolutely … particularly with something as serious as a DUI and the stigma that it creates on people’s records for a lifetime. What I have found is people regret not hiring and retaining a lawyer in their DUI cases down the road because it either cost them a job opportunity, it cost them maybe an educational opportunity, or it cost them a promotion of some kind. You can never go back and fight a DUI after the fact.

A lot of people are very surprised when they sit down with us that there actually are defenses in their case that they would have never thought about or known about had they not had the DUI defense specific training that we have here at this firm.

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