Are dog bites covered by homeowners' insurance?

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Are dog bites covered by homeowners’ insurance?


When someone suffers a dog bite on a residence or some sort of a harm from an animal, does homeowners insurance cover that situation? The answer is often yes. In fact, if you think about it this way if someone were injured by your dog while they were on your property you would want them to be compensated for their injury. Likewise, if you had a child or a friend or a loved one on someone else’s property and you were injured by that person’s animal you would want them to pay for your medical bills.

Homeowner’s insurance is actually designed to cover those types of situations where someone is hurt on your property. Whether it be by a dog bite or some other hazard that might be on your property. In order to determine whether or not a homeowner’s policy applies to your situation, it’s important to consult with a lawyer as soon as possible and also obtain the policy language of that homeowner’s policy. A lawyer can help you interpret and determine whether or not a claim or compensation is available under that insurance policy.

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