What is workers' compensation?

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What is workers’ compensation?

What is workers’ compensation?

What is workers’ compensation? Worker’s compensation is a system of law wherein an employee of a business is entitled to compensation. It is usually in the form of two-thirds of their average weekly pay for a period of time while they are injured. The difference in worker’s compensation and other areas of personal injury law is that you do not have to prove that somebody else caused harm to you by a negligent act or a willful act. You simply have to prove that you are within the course and scope of your employment when you were injured. Unfortunately, you’re usually not awarded for pain and suffering. It is really just a limited amount of compensation that allows you to hopefully be able to subsist and live while you’re trying to get better from a work-related injury.

A lot of times a worker’s compensation claim must be made in a timely manner. Otherwise, you’re barred from receiving compensation. It is an employee’s right to make a worker’s compensation claim. There shouldn’t be any action taken against that employee by an employer for making a claim. It’s actually a right as an employee and something that people should not be hesitant to do because of fear that the employer will be upset or something of that nature.

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