Can I sue my insurance company?

Personal Injury Frequently Asked Questions

Can I sue my insurance company?

Some people want to know how do you sue your own insurance company for either not paying a claim or not paying an obligation that you believe they may have. The answer is, first of all to get a copy of your policy. We review many policies here at our office and determine whether or not the rights and obligations of the policy are met by the insurance company or not. There are often situations where insurance companies quite frankly are trying to pay the least amount of money possible under the policy.

Insurance companies don’t typically listen very closely or respect what an individual has to say until they seek representation. That’s unfortunate, but experience suggests that that is almost always the case. The important thing, though, is before you get too deep into negotiations is to sit down with one of our attorneys on our team and meet with us and try to determine what approach you should take and whether or not you need counsel.

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