How do I sue someone for a car accident?

Personal Injury Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sue someone for a car accident?

One issue we run into a lot is how to sue somebody for a car accident. Many of our clients are good people who believe that suing another individual or another person or sometimes even a friend is maybe distasteful. Actually, the opposite is true. In order to get an insurance company to pay for the harms of someone who’s made a mistake, you have to sue the individual. That act of suing the individual triggers the insurance company’s representation.

Now, what often happens is that if you employ our firm, we will work out and negotiate a settlement with that person’s insurance company and we’ll attempt to do that prior to having to file a lawsuit against the individual.

If you have any issues with that or if you’re concerned about that and want more advice, we can sit down and talk to you about that and work through those issues and your concerns before you make the final decision of whether you want to file a lawsuit or not.