How do blood alcohol tests work?

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How do blood alcohol tests work?

How do blood alcohol tests work in Tennessee?

How do blood alcohol tests work? In Tennessee, the way blood-alcohol test work is actually surprising to a lot of people. People will get alcohol blood test results on a sheet of paper and it will say they are 0.08 or they are 0.18 or whatever that number might be. A lot of folks incorrectly assume that because there’s a single sheet of paper with a certain number on it, and it is over 0.08, that the state of Tennessee will prosecute them.

However, just because the government has a sheet of paper doesn’t mean there were certain mistakes made in the scientific process. The important thing is to hire somebody (a DUI defense attorney) that has the scientific knowledge and background in defending DUI cases. Someone who can look at a blood test as well as obtain the proper discovery and materials that will allow him or her to look behind the sheet of paper and determine whether a mistake was made in your blood test.

Did you take a blood test after being pulled over? It is important to find someone who can represent you and ask the right questions. Give us a call at Garza Law Firm and we can help.

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