TACDL DUI Defense Seminar

Chattanooga, TN

TACDL DUI Defense Seminar

Garza Law is proud to be speaking at the TACDL 2017 DUI Defense Seminar in Chattanooga, TN. The event is moderated by Rob McKinney, a criminal defense attorney in Nashville and a Past President of TACDL. Other speakers include Jim Bell, Nate Evans, Frank Lannom, Inez Eiders, Mark Fishburn, Tony Corroto, Matthew Dodd, Ron Moore, Rob McGuire, Jessica Van Dyke, Patrick McNally, Rich McGee, Ray Fraley, and Marcos Garza.

Mr. Garza’s presentation is titled Using the Field Sobriety Manual to Build Your Case. The seminar will be held at the Marriott in downtown Chattanooga, TN on October 25-27, 2017. To learn more about the DUI Defense Seminar, visit tacdl.com (a new browser tab will open).

Attorney Marcos Garza, who practices law in Knoxville, TN, presenting on the topic of DUI arrests.

TACDL 2017 DUI Defense Seminar in Chattanooga, TN.